About Shiraz School of Pharmacy:

Shiraz School of Pharmacy was established in 1989 and welcomed to Pharmacy students at Chamran Blvd. in 1990. The faculty affairs was managed by Dr Hossein Niknahad during 1989-1990 then by Dr Ghloamabbas Dehghan during 1990-1993 and by Dr Mohammad Reza Panjeshahin during 1993-1995. Dr Hossein Niknahad continued managing the faculty affairs since 1995 to present.

The faculty was primarily established with five departments: Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Control, Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology-Toxicology. In order to expand faculty's facilities the faculty was moved to Roknabad,  Shiraz 5Km. In 2004 the department of Clinical Pharmacy was established in the faculty. Then the department of Traditional Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology established in 2008 and 2009.

Currently the faculty has 34 full time academic staff. 

The faculty welcomed students for MS in toxicology since 2006, for PhD students in Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics and Traditional Pharmacy since 2008 and for PhD in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology since 2009.

Due to increament in the number of pharmacy students and academic staff in the faculty, some renewments and also constructions were conducted which resulted in two classrooms and office for academic staff. which has come in use recently. 


Post address: P. O. Box 1583; 71345 Shiraz; Fars; Iran

Contact Tel numbers: (+98)- 71- 32424127; 32424128; 32425305; 32425374 

Fax number: (+98)- 71- 32424126

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